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Getting the keys to a new house, whether it’s your first home of your own or the dream house you’ve been saving for, brings a nearly unmatchable feeling of excitement. It’s time to start a new chapter of your life, but before you get to page one, you need a blank sheet of paper.

Don’t wait until you’re settled in to give the house a thorough cleaning—here’s why you should clean a house before you move in.

Wash Away “That New House Smell”

If you’re moving into brand-new construction, first of all, congratulations on your new home and all the modern amenities it’s sure to offer. Before you can enjoy all those amenities, however, you should know that a fresh new building can leave behind some remnants of construction, such as drywall dust, sawdust, and other byproducts.

Various other building materials in your home, such as paint, flooring, and sealants, can emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can be harmful to your health after sustained exposure.

Professional cleaning services in Maryland are adept at reducing or eliminating VOCs altogether, allowing you to enjoy your new house without the new-house smell.

Existing Home? Better Now Than Later

Let’s be honest—not every homeowner has the admirable fastidiousness that you do. You may walk into your new home and find that the previous owners did not do a move-out cleaning before they left. If they haven’t, it can almost feel as if they haven’t fully left.

You deserve an entirely clean slate before you embark upon your first or newest chapter of homeownership. And for that, you should turn to a service that will give your new house a comprehensive cleaning before moving day—this way, there’s no furniture to work around or vestiges of prior residents.

Easier To Do in One Fell Swoop

Cleaning your house is often a piecemeal project—you do the kitchen immediately, get to the living room when you can, and try to make time for the bedrooms at some point, all while the poor basement goes tragically neglected for weeks, if not months.

When you step into a vacant and unfurnished home, it’s much easier for you—or, preferably, the professionals—to tackle every room of the house without schedules and traffic to work around. That includes the oft-neglected basement.

Who Should Do the Cleaning?

There are several good reasons why you should clean a house before you move in. When it comes to such an undertaking, of course, discretion is the better part of valor—and with everything you have to do in the move, it’s best to defer this task to an experienced cleaning service.

Here in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and part of Maryland, AVM Cleaning Services offers move-in home-cleaning services to give new residents the freshest start possible, whether they’re moving in from across the Virginia region or from across the country.

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