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Despite your best efforts, perhaps there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to do it all. You’ve decided to delegate some of your domestic tasks to a Northern Virginia cleaning service.

There’s no shame in this, of course, but you may worry about safety and security before committing to the service that’s right for you.

Here’s a list of what to ask before hiring a Northern Virginia cleaning service.

Ask Friends: Who Do You Know?

When selecting a Northern Virginia cleaning service, someone who can vouch for the results is invaluable. Seek out referrals from friends and family before you begin cold-calling cleaning services or scrolling through online reviews. If you’re lucky, they can tell you whom to call and whom not to call when you’re choosing your hire.

Who Supplies Cleaning Products?

Cleaning takes more than soap, water, and elbow grease. Your cleaner will use a variety of implements and solvents to keep your home spotless—but they may not necessarily arrive with a full complement of supplies.

Find out beforehand whether purchasing cleaning products and providing equipment is your responsibility. Not all homeowners approve of heavy chemicals in their home.

Some may be allergic to common cleaning products used by most services. Your Northern Virginia cleaning service may be able to accommodate your needs with green cleaning products, or you may have to provide alternatives yourself.

Can You Trust Them?

When regularly inviting people into your home, trust is key. As a homeowner, you can’t allow your cleaner to breach that trust. Too many people have told horror stories of cleaners who’ve really cleaned them out—stealing jewelry and other valuables and getting away with it.

Hiring an independent contractor may save you money up front but hiring a cleaner through a reputable service will give you greater peace of mind about potential thieves.

Insist the Northern Virginia cleaning service performs background checks on its employees, and that it’s fully bonded and insured in case of damages or lost personal belongings. Discuss how the service will gain access to the home if you aren’t there and determine whether you’re comfortable with that.

What’s the Package?

Even if you hire a Northern Virginia cleaning service, there are still probably some household tasks you don’t mind doing yourself. Inquire about the packages a service offers to make sure two people aren’t doing the same jobs twice.

Identify whether you need regular routine cleanings or bi-weekly visits that focus on the tougher jobs and the harder-to-reach areas. A good Northern Virginia cleaning service should have the flexibility to accommodate a spectrum of services.

How Far Will You Travel?

An important question to ask before hiring a Northern Virginia cleaning service is, after working off that personal referral and addressing each of your concerns, whether they can make it to your home.

Make sure you live within your cleaner’s service area, and that if you don’t, they’re willing to go the extra mile to accommodate you.

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