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Special occasions and holidays can be enjoyable, especially if your family likes to host gatherings. Having a special engagement at your home requires it to be clean, tidy and well presented.

Engage a house cleaning Sterling VA service company to do the work for you to give the house a great finish and which will present well for your guests.

Listed below are 4 special occasions that require a special house cleaning Sterling VA service.


If you are throwing a party and know that there will be many guests and you wish to create a memorable impression, its advisable to hire expert cleaners in Sterling VA to assist with a thorough clean.

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Holidays can be so much fun where you can relax, take time off from work, visit with friends and show your appreciation for others by giving gifts and spending time with them.

But these magical moments cannot happen without hard work and proper planning. By having your house cleaned by house cleaning Sterling VA professional cleaners is having peace of mind that you are prepared and have time to spend with your guests.

Neighborhood Events

Usually, neighborhood events are outdoor activities. But if you, having an open house, there are chances your neighbors will wander in and have a look around.

Again it’s a perfect time to employ the AVM Cleaning Services to clean your home so that it presents well and is neat and tidy.

Post-Party Cleanup

This is the time to call in the professional cleaners to do the cleanup. It will allow your home to be cleaned and refreshed with the placement of furniture being put back to its normal place.

Moving In / Moving Out Cleaning

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful events in life. To help alleviate the stress, it’s the ideal time to employ house cleaning Sterling VA services to do the job for you. This will involve cleaning the new house as well as the one you are leaving.

house cleaning sterling va

So when you need house cleaning Sterling VA professional cleaners to keep your home tidy, fresh and welcoming, contact AVM Cleaning Services on 703-655-9158 for a free quote.

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